New Anti-doping Test Makes it Harder for Cheats to Hide.

If you are an elite athlete and hate the intrusive nature of anti-doping urine tests or needles for blood collection, then we have good news. 

The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) has just announced the approval of a new collection method called the dried blood spot (DBS) testing method.

WADA has said that they started working on this technology in 2019, and now that it has been approved, they will be trialling this new method at the Tokyo Olympics.

The advantages to the Athlete:

  • Easy and painless sample collection (e.g. finger or upper arm prick),
  • Less invasive methods than current urine and blood collection, which provides a better athlete experience,
  • The test requires only a minimal drop of blood,
  • The potential for sample stability means more accurate results, even after long term storage.

But the real advantage for athletes is that this test is easy to use and ship, it is low cost, accurate and stable, which means that WADA can broaden its anti-doping screening programme and catch drug cheats earlier in their career; and that levels the playing field for everyone.   

Since dried blood spot (DBS) testing is stable and cost-effective for long term storage, samples can be retained and used again in the future once new and more sensitive doping tests are developed.  

Check the news from WADA:

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