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Rapid Hydration

400g  Raspberry Lemonade Flavour. Makes up 10 litres

A New Standard in Performance Hydration

2-3 x Faster Rehydration than Water


Turmeric Recovery

60 capsules – 2 months supply

Helps speed up recovery between training sessions

Helps reduce muscle soreness


Everyday Sports Probiotics

60 capsules – 2 months supply

Can help improve heat tolerance during exercise

Supports immune health during heavy training


Everyday Sports Multivitamin

120 capsules – 2 months supply

Replaces vitamins and minerals lost during training

Provides key nutrients for energy metabolism


Sports Magnesium

120 tablets – 4 months supply

Supports muscle recovery

Helps maximise endurance performance


Everyday Fish Oil

120 capsules – 4 months supply

Helps improve heat tolerance during exercise

Supports immune health during heavy training


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Latest Information in Sports Nutrition

New Research | The Popeye Effect is Real.

Spinach extract to be placed on WADA banned list. A recent scientific paper, publised 5th July 2019, indictaes that a German research group, based at Freie Universitat in Berlin have provided evidence that a spinach extract, when combined with the amino acid, leucine,...

Feature video in NZ Herald

Article by Hunter Calder: Two 20-year-olds have developed a vegan, gluten-free, GM-free, low-sugar sports drink - it has now been approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency. "If people vibe with that then that's cool," Olly Ng said. "And if not at least we have had some...

DOES IT WORK? A review from

PowerAMP – Rapid Hydration is about providing the ideal hypotonic electrolyte re-hydration drink.   Developed by Hayden Washington-Smith and Olly Ng their range of hypotonic sports drinks target everyone from competing in elite cycling to endurance events, triathlon...

Michael Torckler bounces back

One of our favourite customers Michael Torckler describes his career and his brush with disaster. At age 31, Michael Torckler is one of the most experienced riders in the New Zealand peloton. He had his breakthrough victory in the 2010 Tour of Wellington, which to him...

Jared Gray and the Commonwealth Games

Misadventures from the Commonwealth Games By Jared Gray At only 20, Jared Gray is already gaining notoriety as one of New Zealand's biggest powerhouses on the velodrome. As a junior in 2016, he was part of the NZ team pursuit campaign which brought home a set of...

Importance of Sports Hydration Before the Race

If you follow the research around sports hydration, then you may have heard reports based on research, which claims that being “dehydrated” prior to competition is okay and will have no impact on performance outcomes. The research goes on to suggest that it may...

Sodium and its role in hydration

Many products that purport to help with hydration contain a significant carbohydrate load (lots of sugar) in order to improve taste and be seen as a fuel source. Often these sports drinks contain too little sodium to effectively activate the Co-Transporter or to...

Hypotonic versus Isotonic and Hypertonic

Hypotonic = sub 4% Carbohydrate Isotonic = 4 – 8% Carbohydrate Hypertonic 8%+ Carbohydrate PowerAMP Rapid Hydration has 3.2% sugar (Carbohydrates), putting it in the category of Hypotonic. Any increase in sugar levels beyond 4% has a negative effect on hydration....

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