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At PowerAmp Sports, we are all about clearing the air when it comes to sports nutrition. Our goal is to simplify the process & help improve Kiwi athletes’ nutrition & overall sports performance. Come to PowerAmp Sports for all your supplement needs.

High Purity Each product is stringently tested by WADA approved laboratories, making sure your body consumes only pure nutrients.
Preferred by Sports Nutritionists Nutritional physiologist prefer the POWERAMP Sports range for the quality ingredients used and its overall purity.
Drug-Free You can trust that our products are all drug-free as approved by WADA accredited laboratories.
Designed & Manufactured in New Zealand Founded by NZ athletes, for NZ athletes. Keeping it local & never cutting corners when it comes to quality & sustainability.
High Potency, One-A-Day Convenience Our top priority is to ensure you can get out there & reach your athletic potential as efficiently as possible.


Our products are GMO-free & contain no artificial colours or flavours. Almost all of our products are vegan-friendly. Take a look at our range to find what you’re looking for. Do you want to enhance your athletic performance and reach your full potential? With a complete range of the best pure and potent supplements in NZ, at Poweramp Sports, we offer the sports nutrition you deserve. Our collection of supplements is designed to help you achieve your athletic goals by providing your body with the nutrients it needs to perform at its best.


We are excited to announce that PowerAmp products are reaching New Zealand stores. Take a look at our store finder to find the nearest retailer that supplies PowerAmp supplements.



Our sports supplements will allow you to train harder for longer without excessively wearing out your body. With the right nutrition, you can improve your body’s chemical composition, enhance your focus, and delay the onset of fatigue. What’s more, you will have a stronger immune system and reduce your risk of injury.