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Rapid Hydration

400g  Raspberry Lemonade Flavour. Makes up 10 litres

A New Standard in Performance Hydration

2-3 x Faster Rehydration than Water


Turmeric Recovery

60 capsules – 2 months supply

Helps speed up recovery between training sessions

Helps reduce muscle soreness


Everyday Sports Probiotics

60 capsules – 2 months supply

Can help improve heat tolerance during exercise

Supports immune health during heavy training


Everyday Sports Multivitamin

120 capsules – 2 months supply

Replaces vitamins and minerals lost during training

Provides key nutrients for energy metabolism


Sports Magnesium

120 tablets – 4 months supply

Supports muscle recovery

Helps maximise endurance performance


Everyday Fish Oil

120 capsules – 4 months supply

Helps improve heat tolerance during exercise

Supports immune health during heavy training


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Latest Information in Sports Nutrition

Isotonic or Hypotonic Sports Drinks – What’s the Difference and Which is Best?

When it comes to fluid management and rehydration during training or exercise, should you use a traditional "isotonic" sports drink or a more recent development called a "hypotonic" sports drink?  Firstly, the term isotonic means that the dissolved electrolytes and...

L-citrulline: An Amino Acid Proven to Enhance Performance and Reduce Fatigue.

Another great ingredient that we use in our PowerAmp Rapid Hydration drink, designed to help you improve sports performance, is L-citrulline.

Malic Acid is Used to Help Boost Sports Performance

Malic acid is a fruit acid, similar to the citric acid found in oranges and lemons; however, Malic acid is found predominately in apples and pears. Regular consumers of Malic acid believe that it; 1) promotes energy production, 2) increases exercise...

Sodium Citrate in PowerAMP’s Rapid Hydration Can Help Improve Sports Performance.

In this post, we tell you what's in our PowerAMP Rapid Hydration and why we use citrate salts, such as sodium citrate and potassium citrate, as our electrolytes. We don't use citrate salts in our formulation to save money on production because citrate salts are...

FOUR things that an older athlete needs to know about hydration.

High-performance sports nutrition often focuses on athletes aged between 18 and 35yrs, but as we age, many of us still compete and train with the intensity of earlier years.  There are, however, four things about our fluid requirements that change with age and that we...

Losing just 1-2% of your body weight during exercise due to dehydration will noticeably impair your performance.

Many athletes assume when training is dragging on, or you feel like you are running on an empty tank during competition, the answer is to reach for an energy drink, suck on sweets or eat a candy bar. A 2020 study has shown that drinking a sugar-sweetened drink during...

Ethan Craine (NZL ) PowerAMP Performance Profile

PowerAMP Sports wishes Ethan Craine the very best success as he leaves New Zealand and travels to the United States to train and compete during the 2021 season. After a pre-season training finishing in North Carolina, Ethan will shortly join his Boston-based squad...

Your Trusted Source of Sports Nutrition

How it all begun? As a young, competitive road cyclist Hayden Washington-Smith was 16 years old when he rode his first sub-four hour century (100mile / 160km road race) in New Zealand's biggest road cycling competition. A couple of years later, while riding with...

Faster Recovery With Reduced Muscle Fatigue

High-sugar sports drinks will result in an insulin response that reduces blood sugar levels and lowers energy levels. By contrast, maintaining fluid to working muscles will improve performance outcomes. Better Hydration means the body can recover faster and quickly...

New Research | The Popeye Effect is Real.

Spinach extract to be placed on WADA banned list. A recent scientific paper, publised 5th July 2019, indictaes that a German research group, based at Freie Universitat in Berlin have provided evidence that a spinach extract, when combined with the amino acid, leucine,...

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