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About Us

Product Benefits

Our sports supplements will allow you to train harder for longer without excessively wearing out your body.

With the right nutrition, your body will improve your chemical composition, enhance your focus & delay the onset of fatigue.

On top of that, you'll have a stronger immune system & reduced risk of injury.

Energising athletes to success

Consuming the right nutrients for your body is important.

Choosing PowerAmp Sports will help you optimise your performance and get the most out of your training. 

Take a look at how our supplements have changed the game for some of our high-performance Kiwi athletes.

How we do it

PowerAMP® has been developed to offer a convenient local alternative to purchasing “certified” supplements and hydration products from the UK or overseas.

By providing an independent Certificate of Analysis with every product sold, we eliminate the need for training staff and coaches to spend their valuable time on the administration.

High Purity

Ensured to only use the highest quality ingredients.

Each product is stringently tested by laboratories approved by World Anti Doping Agency, making sure your body consumes only pure nutrients. Free of banned substances.

Preferred by Sports Nutritionist

Nutritional physiologist prefer the Poweramp Sports range for the quality ingredients used and its overall purity.

Drug Free

PowerAMP® is one of the few nutrition brands in the Southern Hemisphere to have developed a complete Certified Drug-Free range of supplements and beverages. Each batch is tested for the presence of banned substance.

Made in NZ

PowerAMP® is founded by NZ athletes, for NZ athletes. Keeping it local & never cutting corners when it comes to quality & sustainability. All products are designed and manufactured in NZ, in a facility which is GMP certified.

High Potency, One-A-Day Convenience

PowerAMP® Everyday Sports range are all high potency, all-in-one supplements designed for both male and female athletes, and it offers athletes a trusted, convenient, and cost-effective source of supplements and rehydration drinks, to maximise their performance.

"If you still look good at the end of your workout, you must be training hard and smart with PowerAMP® sports nutrition."

Rinku, CEO
Grant, Founder

Meet our team

Grant Washington

Grant is a nutritional physiologist and former Ironman Triathlete. He has over 20 years experience working with functional foods and nutrition companies throughout New Zealand and around the world. 

Tony Dowd

Tony was founder and CEO of  Nelson-based company that developed the first New Zealand sports supplement to be sanctioned as “drug-free” by Informed-Sport,UK  making it suitable for use at the professional and Olympic level.


PhD in Biological Sciences, Gagan brings her technical and product Development skills into the company. She is a member of our Technical and Advisory Team offering industry-lead guidance and insight to product development and overall business strategy.