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PowerAMP is a trusted and effective source of Sports Nutrition.

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How it all begun?

As a young, competitive road cyclist Hayden Washington-Smith was 16 years old when he rode his first sub-four hour century (100mile / 160km road race) in New Zealand’s biggest road cycling competition. A couple of years later, while riding with teammates, Hayden recalled talking with other riders who expressed how much they had neglected their nutrition and how confusing the whole subject was. They had described the many different brands, coaches, and other athletes, whom all expressed conflicting ideas on nutrition.

Now at university, Hayden engaged his father, a nutritional physiologist, and they began to investigate the latest scientific studies on hydration and performance. They created a plan and set out to develop the best rehydration drink they could. It soon became apparent that there was a disparity between scientific research and the marketplace.

Together, they identified a gap in the market for a sports nutrition company, which focused on making effective nutritional products as effortless as possible for high-performance athletes and cyclists. For PowerAmp Sports, this means delivering the most effective and innovative products while staying ahead with the latest research.

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