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Glucose Monitoring For Sports Endurance Athletes

  • Your pre-run diet will change once you use a continuous glucose monitor.


  • Different amounts of fuel are often needed for each runner, each setting, and each challenge.


  • Also, because training and the environment are constantly changing, an eating plan that works one day but not the next may only work sometimes.


  • They can now connect a biosensor to an app and view their glucose levels instantly. The Supersapiens app also provides information on how eating habits, exercise, and other lifestyle decisions affect blood sugar levels.


  • A biosensor allows athletes to add more fuel or fuel more frequently to maintain a constant energy level. Eating within an hour of working out is not recommended because doing so causes an energy spike followed by a drop as insulin begins to work and shuttle glucose into the cells. We can rule out fuel as the cause if glucose levels stay steady and adequate, but performance still suffers. After wearing a biosensor for several weeks, my reaction to food becomes clear: There are peaks and valleys after consuming refined grains and sweets, but a flatter curve and constant energy are present after finishing a meal high in fibre, protein, and fat. On days with a long run, add fuel earlier, more frequently, and in more significant amounts.


  • Food order and selection are essential for overall health. Choose foods high in protein and fibre first and starches last. You can avoid blood sugar spikes, energy dips, and cravings by eating your carbs last and with other foods. A continuous glucose monitor allows for round-the-clock, real-time feedback.


  • Athletes with prediabetes, diabetes, or high blood sugar levels are the most common users of CGM devices. The sports that frequently result in sugar spikes make the body rely on glycogen as an energy source. Cycling, power sports, marathons, and dancing are examples of these.


  • Nowadays, many famous athletes wear CGM devices.


  • For instance, Jake Smith raced in the World Half Marathon Championships in Poland while wearing a CGM that recorded his blood sugar changes. During the time spent training for the race, the device showed a sharp drop in sugar levels.


  • To remedy this, his nutritionist suggested increasing his carbohydrate intake the day before the marathon. He consequently consumed fruit, vegetables, rice, chicken, and pasta. He also finished two bagels with Nutella and peanut butter the following day.


  • He ultimately won the marathon as the best distance runner in the entire world. With the aid of a CGM device, he could monitor his blood sugar levels, correct them, and give his all during the race.


  • Source: Fuel the Fire is a book about female athletes' body image and sports nutrition written by Pamela Nisevich Bede, MS, RD.


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