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Are you watching your Carb Timing?

Besides protein timing, are you aware of "carb timing?" If you're concerned about your health, it's best to learn about timing your carbs.
The Research on carbohydrates and high-intensity exercise is known. Still, the studies about how meal distribution affect metabolic flexibility and body composition are less established and widely recognized.
We know that consuming carbohydrates requires an insulin response so our cells can absorb the sugars from the macronutrient for energy. Eat too many carbs, though, and your body might be unable to keep up.
Timing Athlete Carb Intake
Carbohydrates require insulin to absorb into the cells for energy. Therefore, eating too many carbs might cause your body to slow down and be unable to keep up.
✅ Research has shown that the body can use about 40 grams of carbs after a meal. However, large meals containing too many carbohydrates require increasing insulin doses to prevent the fat cells from burning off their fat reserves. In addition, it depletes the body's energy stores and leads to weight gain due to increased hunger.
✅ Research has shown that the first meal (breakfast), which limits carbohydrates and increases protein- maximizes metabolic flexibility for using fat as a fuel. The effect of carbohydrates on metabolism and appetite is not as strong when the last meal was dinner.
Cutting carbs, to a certain extent, is incredibly valuable as it relates to overall body weight, wellness and inflammation.
Timing Athlete Carb Intake
Although this is not the same for everyone, many athletes focused on high-intensity performance may want more carbs earlier in the day.
But no matter what level you're at, I'd prefer your pre-workout carbs not be high sugar foods (or anything that poses a significant spike in blood sugar).
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