Nix Hydration Biosensor—Game Changing New Technology

Proper hydration is essential for any athlete who wants to come out on top. In a race, having a healthy fluid strategy can give you that extra boost when it counts the most!


Staying hydrated is key for athletes to crush their goals and stay safe. Calculate your sweat rate, monitor the compositional content of drinks you consume, and count how many times you need to use the restroom; make it easy on yourself with a personalized plan tailored just for you! Then, with that knowledge in hand, replenish what's lost—optimal health awaits.


What is Nix Hydration Biosensor?


The Nix Hydration Biosensor can accurately measure how much sweat you're making in real-time, so you can stay ahead of the game by adding electrolytes as needed. 


Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise hydration, thanks to the revolutionary platform! 


The biosensor keeps track of your fluid and electrolyte losses in real time, making sure you get the right amount for peak performance. Armed with this personalized info on when, what, and how much to drink—all sent straight from device notifications—nothing stands between you and a winning workout!


Get to know your body better through sweat! With this revolutionary new technology, you can analyze your unique biochemistry in real time as you work out. It's like having a scientific lab on the go - but no needles are required! 


Get personalized insights into when and how much to drink for optimal performance so that going further is always around the corner. 


Plus, it integrates easily with your favorite devices: phones, watches, or bike computers. 


So keep up while keeping light - leave heavy lifting (in every sense!) behind forever!


Lightweight Electronic


The ultra-lightweight hydration biosensor is the pinnacle of performance tracking. Its ergonomic design, no bigger than a Garmin watch face and weighing barely half an ounce, easily clips onto our single-use sweat patch to give you real-time updates on your phone or bike computer for up to hours! 


Innovative Sweat Patch


Discover the Nix patch and unlock a revolutionary way to measure your body's chemistry! This excellent sweat Patch is designed with kinesiology tape for an incredibly comfortable fit. Combined with its flow channel, it measures your sweat rate, electrolyte loss rate, and composition, all in one single-use device. Unlock new levels of data about yourself today!


Essential Analytics


Discover the power of essential analytics with Nix! This app makes working out more effective by examining your unique sweat profile to provide personalized recommendations for every session. Maximize your potential and crush each workout one step at a time - all thanks to Nix's advanced insights!


Convenient Integrations


"We're thrilled to announce our first integrations with Apple and Garmin, plus a promise of bike computer compatibility from the latter by next year. And that's just for starters - we've got Strava, Training Peaks, Wahoo, and Zwift in our sights too!"


With the Nix Hydration Biosensor, runners can stay ahead of their game! The sensor and accompanying mobile app measure sweat during exercise to create a tailored hydration strategy, helping athletes go the extra mile for longer races or marathons.


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Rapid Hydration (Raspberry Lemonade)


Rehydrate quickly and efficiently with POWERAMP Rapid Hydration!


This electrolyte drink was made especially for professional athletes to help them get through their hardest workouts. By reducing the sugar content, a superior balance of mineral electrolytes is achieved while still providing enough glucose to promote rapid water absorption into your body without disrupting hormonal levels or stimulating an insulin response. Just one pouch makes 10 liters of hydration formula that can be used in up to 20 servings; perfect for all high-intensity sports and training activities!

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