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Michael Torckler bounces back

by Rinku Singh | | | 0 Comments

One of our favourite customers Michael Torckler describes his career and his brush with disaster.

At age 31, Michael Torckler is one of the most experienced riders in the New Zealand peloton. He had his breakthrough victory in the 2010 Tour of Wellington, which to him riding in the states during 2012. However, he suffered a major setback when he was struck by a car in California. The hit and run left him in a critical condition, but it didn’t take much longer than a month for him to get back on his bike again.

Michael Torckler wins Stage 1 of the 2012 Tour of Borneo on his way to the overall win.

Michael managed to continue racing internationally between 2013 and 2015, riding in all of the big American races, even taking the KOM jersey in the Tour of Utah.

These days Michael sticks to dominating the domestic scene. He won the Dynamo series for 2017/18. He took two stage wins on his way to third overall at the 2017 Tour of Southland and rode emphatically to third place at this year’s elite nationals in Napier.

This year he will be training as well as managing his engineering role at Aecom and a new set of parenting duties after becoming a father in May. We wish him all the best for this upcoming season.

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