Do Athletes Need More Magnesium?

  • Athletes experience magnesium losses of up to 20% during training or competition. 
  • Low magnesium status may increase the risk of muscle damage and impair recovery. 
  • Some studies have shown that magnesium is associated with better sports performance.
  • Magnesium is one of the most commonly lacking micronutrients in a typical diet, with roughly two-thirds of the general population failing to consume the recommended daily intake.

    Magnesium and Endurance Exercise
    in 2020 researchers from Sports Sciences Faculty, the University of Extremadura in Spain examined magnesium status in athletes; they showed that magnesium concentration was significantly lower in athletes’ erythrocytes (red blood cells) compared to sedentary control subjects.

    Check out this study here

    Later studies have shown that the loss of magnesium during training and competition is most significant in elite endurance athletes.

    Another study investigated the effects of a single bout of intense cycling exercise on magnesium status in well-trained cyclists. After an hour-long ride, magnesium concentration had decreased by approximately 0.6%, and total losses were about 700 mg/day. “The average daily intake of magnesium from the diet alone is around 200mg”, so are you getting enough magnesium? 

    Research results now suggest that the daily losses of magnesium in highly trained athletes can significantly impact the ability of an athlete to perform and compete.