"I've been using PowerAmp for years now and it is the best hydration drink I've ever tried. It's made for cyclists and I find that it helps keep me well energised and refreshed all day; even in the hot summer months. It has an excellent taste and doesn't contain any unnecessary preservatives or additives."






I’m a heavy sweater..
Riding for hours in the Whakarewarewa bike park (MTB ride). It felt like I could never get enough liquids in, after the ride I felt bloated and exhausted.
Now with Power Amp it’s seams i don’t need to drink as much, no more bloating or exhaustion post ride. And this stuff tastes wonderful makes you look forward to drinking. (No bad for 60)






Firstly, I want to say that since I started taking PowerAMP RAPID Hydration a couple of years ago, I have not had the cramp issues that I have experienced previously.

I am a 68 year old cyclist and I still enjoy riding and racing my bike over 300 kilometers a week as I did when I first represented my country, New Zealand back in 1973.

POWERAMP Sports Magnesium combined with POWERAMP Turmeric Recovery are amazing products, and are an absolute must for the recovery process after a long ride or an intensive indoor Zwift training session. Indoor training sessions are tougher on the body because of the lack of air ventilation created by airflow from riding the roads.

The 1 x litre per hour Hydration rule for intensive training is absolutely correct and POWERAMP Rapid recovery completes that deficit.

I strongly recommend POWERAMP products for all round HYDRATION and recovery.