Clean Sport: The responsibility to stay clean rests with the Sports Nutrition Brands and Athletes

It can be hard to know where to start if you have trouble with testing, tracking, and product selection.
  • What are the best products for clean consumers?
  • How do you ensure this is a "pure" product?
  • Whom can I contact for help with these questions?
Thankfully, many companies know these questions' importance and enforce measures to keep their products' integrity.
So when I choose a sports nutrition brand, I now look for:
1. All of the ingredients are clean and have been scientifically proven
A quality supply of raw materials is the best way for a supplement to avoid unwanted substances. In addition, as seen in the news, products such as electrolyte supplements and protein powders can affect athletes' performance. It's always worth prioritising quality when a company needs to cut costs to deliver the product they want at higher profit margins. Clean ingredients, such as high-quality produce and local dairy from family farms, are worth the extra investment. To back up its claims, the company must make available scientific studies that substantiate what they are trying to sell. Glowing benefits with little evidence should raise a red flag.
2. Manufacturing and Supply Chain Transparency 
When companies don't get specific about where their products are made, a lot of scepticism is raised. Sometimes transparency can provide greater assurance. For example, when a company is transparent about where they get their ingredients, how they manufacture those ingredients and how to spot certified companies that provide more excellent quality controls, that's an indicator to many people worldwide. For example, one of my sponsors is Clif Bar which has an organic certification and is also fair-trade or rainforest alliance certified. The company must be transparent about the ingredients and implement a strict code of conduct throughout the supply chain.
3. Invest in Certifications
Various organisations, like Informed-Sport and NSF, the Certified for Sports program, help athletes, dieticians, coaches, and consumers make safer decisions we choose have been tested and certified for quality, purity and safety. Your health and body are your most significant assets. Therefore, we all need the highest possible level of safety and the assurance that everything we take is clean and tested.
What makes PowerAmp different?
The PowerAmp product range is backed by science and as minimally processed as possible, meaning fewer ingredients and higher quality end products. Product safety is always our priority. Therefore, every batch is tested to comply with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) exacting standards. We test products at a world-class laboratory to ensure our certified products are safer for athletes. In addition, all products come with a logo suggesting products are free of banned substances.
How does the testing process work?
Every batch of products is required to meet the ISO 17025 standards to ensure products are safe for athlete consumption. In addition, no unsubstantiated claims and all nutritional information are guaranteed and regulated by a strong quality control process. PowerAmp product range provides an extra layer of assurance to athletes as an independent lab tests them that screens for almost 200 WADA prohibited substances. The "free of banned substance " logo on our label references that.
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