A new study reveals men who take a daily vitamin are less likely to be diagnosed with cancer

Multivitamins are an excellent way for millions of people to maintain their health and avoid chronic diseases. There are other benefits - for example, taking a multivitamin supplement may reduce cancer risk. 
New research from the Journal of the American Medical Association has found that approximately 11% of cancers in men could be prevented by taking a multivitamin.
Previous studies published in this journal a year ago claimed that dietary supplements harm your health.
Data for these two studies hasn't been published yet. As a result, it is hard to determine the validity of their experiments or the quality of their methodology. It's also possible that they misrepresented how little participants could eat and how much exercise they were encouraged to do.
Researchers analysed data from the large-scale, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled Physicians' Health Study II (PHS II) trial. A recent study followed over 15,000 male physicians in the U.S. for an average of 11 years, determining the long-term effects of a standard multivitamin on preventing chronic disease.
All participants who were 50 years old or older at the beginning of the study received a multivitamin or a placebo every day.
Researchers found that daily multivitamin use can decrease the total incidence of cancer by 8%. Studies show that high-quality vitamins can prevent over 46,000 cancer deaths each year.
Men with a history of cancer were in their 60s and 70s and had been treated for it. However, they were still taking multivitamins. This study found that daily multivitamins may reduce prostate cancer risk. Still, men diagnosed with it are very likely to survive because the condition is usually easily treated.
The scientists found in the study that there is evidence for using multivitamins to prevent cancer among men.
Individuals and supplement users should remember that supplements are not replacements for healthy eating and regular physical activity.
They're called supplements because they are to be used only in addition to a diet and not as substitutes for any food group.
When looking for a daily multivitamin, consider the following tips:
  • Purchase a whole food, daily multivitamin.
  • A good diet will consist mainly of whole foods. While it can seem overwhelming to figure out what to eat, a nutritionist can supply recommendations on what foods to eat and avoid.
  • Take a look at multivitamins which are taken in divided doses.
  • Your body can only absorb and use a small number of vitamins per day.
  • If you take several vitamins at once, it may cause you to urinate them.
  • No matter which vitamin supplements you choose, the benefits will be multiplied if taken daily.
  • One great way to ensure you get the recommended daily allowance of vitamins is to take a multivitamin. They come in various flavours and can give your diet more variety.
  • For example, a growing body of evidence suggests the optimal vitamin D level is 100-300 IUs daily. Adults should include an assortment of animal sources of vitamin A (in addition to beta-carotene) in the diet. And adults should consume a diverse selection of minerals to ensure sufficient intake.
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