Fish Oil Supplements Could Improve Your Athletic Performance in THREE Critical Areas.

Fish Oil Supplements can help with athletic performance in THREE critical areas. 1) Improving RECOVERY by slowing exercise-induced inflammation 2) Increasing STRENGTH and POWER from new muscle formation. 3) Increasing ENDURANCE by improving muscle efficiency and reducing fatigue.

RECOVERY: Studies have shown that taking a fish oil supplement high in omega-3 can block the pathway (cyclooxygenase-2), typically associated with exercise-induced inflammation.

STRENGTH and POWER: An eight-week study demonstrated that taking 3g of omega-3 fish oil increased the rate of muscle synthesis in young, middle-aged, and older athletes. In older subjects, six months of supplementation with 3g of omega-3 fish oil resulted in a significant increase in thigh muscle volume and muscle strength.

ENDURANCE: A three-week study of male athletes given 1g of omega-3 fish oil showed improved muscle function and fatigue compared with a placebo of olive oil.

Endurance athletes may also experience an improvement in metabolic flexibility when using omega-3 fish oil supplements, enabling more efficient use of the body’s carbohydrate and fat reserves that may translate to greater adaptability during endurance exercise.

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