Don’t Gamble with Untested Supplements and Leave Your Sports Nutrition to Chance.

As an athlete, the last thing you should worry about is if your sports nutrition supplement will produce a positive drug test at your next event. Athletes at all levels of sport run the risk of accidentally ingesting levels of prohibited ingredients, as defined by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) when purchasing and consuming supplements that have not been tested and certified free from banned substances. Surveys of general dietary supplement products sold over the counter suggest that up to 10% of products contain detectable levels of banned substances.

Additional compounds are added to the WADA Banned Substances List every year, which can become overwhelming and confusing for athletes and coaching staff.

Many sports nutrition and supplements brands understand this concern and offer products that have been pre-tested at an independent testing laboratory.

Sports Nutrition brands like PowerAMP Sports offer a copy of these results and a testing certificate with every purchase. We do this so you can trust that our products are pure, safe and effective for every level of sports activity.