Why is Magnesium important?

Why is magnesium important?

Magnesium has an extensive range of benefits for your physical and mental health.

It is essential in keeping your bones strong and muscles relaxed. Athletes need to make sure they’re getting enough Magnesium to keep their performance strong.

Athletes require more magnesium than the general population. Because of the extreme stress placed on their bodies during training and competition.

Magnesium is a core mineral within your body. People who are active will need it more. So focus on meeting the daily requirements, which include a balanced healthy diet with magnesium-rich foods.

For an extra boost, you will need to consume it through your food. And add supplements such as magnesium oil, silica, and others.

Over time, a magnesium deficiency can weaken your bones. Give you nasty headaches, make you feel sluggish, and can affect your heart.

If your doctor advises you to take magnesium supplements, you must be mindful of the dosage.

As a reminder, you should not take more than 250 mg per day. Magnesium can act as a natural laxative and cause diarrhea.

When preparing for a sports event, you will need to add the magnesium supplement to your diet.

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