6 Best Vitamins and Minerals for Athletes.

A healthy and well-balanced diet should be the cornerstone of your sports nutrition plan. However, there are times when we push ourselves to the limits and need additional support.

We have compiled 6 of the best vitamins and minerals for sports performance.

1) Vitamin B12

2) Vitamin B6

3) Niacin

The three B Vitamins are essential for energy metabolism and are involved in converting carbohydrate, fat and protein into energy. Female athletes may be at greater risk for deficiencies in B vitamins.

4) Iron  

Iron deficiency is common in athletes and can affect performance, but males need to be careful when taking supplements that contain iron and should not exceed 8mg per day.

5)  Calcium 

6) Vitamin D

Both calcium and Vitamin D work together to help build and maintain healthy bones, teeth, and muscles. They can both help athletes maintain muscle mass and reduce the risk of injuries, such as bone fractures.

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