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Why is DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) Important?

by Rinku Singh | | | 0 Comments

DOMS is a muscle pain that begins after you’ve finished your exercise or work out. It normally starts 12hrs to 48hrs after a workout, depending on the exercise intensity and the degree of damage that has been done.

You won’t feel DOMS during your workout. If you feel pain during or immediately after a workout then this is a different kind of muscle soreness and it’s called acute muscle soreness.

Why DOMS Important?

“Reducing delayed-onset muscle soreness and the negative effects of DOMS may maximise both your training efforts and performance gains, as well as prevent further injury.” 

KL Sellwood et al, British Journal of Sports Medicine, Vol 41, NO. 6 (2007).

You can also try PowerAmp Turmeric Recovery to help support the delay-onset of muscle soreness. The benefits of PowerAmp Turmeric Recovery

Batch tested for banned substances

Helps speed up recovery between training sessions

Help reduce muscle soreness following intense exercise

Reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress.

Highly bioavailable form of curcumin in the formula for rapid effect.

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