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What are the chances that your sports supplement contains banned substances?

by Rinku Singh | | | 0 Comments

A new Dutch study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine earlier this year collected 66 different sports nutrition supplements. These supplements were identified as potentially “high-risk” because they targeted athletes and claimed to modulate hormone regulation, stimulate muscle mass gain, increase fat loss, and/or boost energy. The sports nutrition supplements were selected from 21 different brands and purchased from 17 e-commerce websites.

In this study, 38% of the 66 high-risk sports supplements tested (which claimed to either intensify workouts, promote muscle growth or fat loss) were found to contain doping agents.

5% of the products tested were found to contain doping agents in sufficient concentration that could have acute adverse health effects and may result in a positive doping test.

The problem regarding the presence of undeclared doping agents in sports supplements has not diminished in recent decades. Look for products that have been independently tested to be free from banned substances. Go to

Ref: ©Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2021) 20, 328-338 DOI:

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