PowerAmp™ Club Discount Programme 2019

To become part of the 2018-19 PowerAmp Club Discount Programme, your club or sports association needs to make an initial purchase of 100 units (either as a single SKU or as a mixed lot).

Your club or sports association will be billed and then required to pay within 7 days of receiving the goods.

The initial purchase will entitle your club or sports association to the PowerAmp Club Discount Programme where you can purchase all future products at the Club Discount Programme pricing until 30 Oct 2019, without further restrictions to the volumes purchased. After your club or sports association has purchased 100 units for the year, you can purchase as few or as many products as you like knowing that your pricing is locked in for the year.  

The PowerAmp Club Discount Programme is renewed annually and the PowerAmp Club Discount Programme will recommence each year from 1 Nov, whereupon an initial purchase will be required to re-establish Club Discount Programme pricing.

NB PowerAmp Sports reserves the right to waive the annual initial purchase requirement for access New Zealand Club Discount Programme, based on previous buying history.

ThisPowerAmp Club Discount Programme pricing is better than wholesale and reserved for clubs or sports associations only. Unfortunately it is not available for retailers. 

PowerAmp Sports Ltd is committed to  “drug free” sports competition in New Zealand. We have trialed our Discount Programme to a select number of teams from around New Zealand and now we want to extend it throughout the whole country. 


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