This is the story of how two cyclists teamed up with a desire to produce the best rehydration drink they knew how to make.

The Founders, Olly Ng and Hayden Washington-Smith grew up competing against each other in secondary school road cycling. Olly; representing his school of Hamilton Boys High School and Hayden at Palmerston North Boys High School.  While a great sporting rivalry remained between these two outstanding cycling schools, a strong friendship developed between the two.

After being involved in a few scientific research trials for sports supplements at Massey University in 2015, Hayden began to think about his current nutrition practices and realised how little he knew and how much confusion existed in his mind around sports nutrition.


While riding with Olly and reflecting on our experiences as junior cyclists, we both realised how much we had neglected nutrition, and how confusing the whole subject was, with many different brands, coaches and athletes all expressing conflicting ideas.

When we began to further investigate scientific studies and set out to develop the best rehydration drink we could when it became apparent there was a disparity between scientific research and what was being offered in the marketplace.

We came to a consensus that there was a gap in the market for a sports nutrition company that focused on making effective nutritional products as effortless as possible, for athletes.

This means delivering the most effective and innovative products and staying agile with the latest research.

As we grow our business, we promise not to sacrifice sustainability and remain committed to offering products that are vegan-friendly, GMO-free and contain no artificial flavours or colours. We plan to start by developing the best rehydration drink we know how to make.

We are based at Waikato Innovation Park, and all our products are proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand.


Grant Washington-Smith

Grant Washington-Smith

Managing Director

Grant is a nutritional physiologist and former Ironman Triathlete. He has over 20 years experience working with functional foods and nutrition companies throughout New Zealand and around the world. 

Tony Dowd

Tony Dowd

Executive Director

Tony was founder and CEO of  Nelson-based company that developed the first New Zealand sports supplement to be sanctioned as “drug-free” by Informed-Sport, UK  making it suitable for use at the professional and Olympic level. 

Hayden Washington-Smith

Hayden Washington-Smith

Brand Manager

Hayden is in his final year of an Honours degree at Victoria University in Wellington. He is a competitive cyclist and is passionate about sports nutrition and performance.

Olly Ng

Olly Ng

Brand Manager

Olly is in his 3rd year of studying mechanical engineering at the University of Canterbury. He has recently taken up trail running and multisport alongside cycling.


Waikato Innovation Park, 
9 Melody Lane, 
New Zealand

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